Fitover Blue Light Glasses

Fitover Blue Light Glasses
  • Orange Lenses Blue Light Glasses (Filter 99% of blue light)
  • Yellow Lenses Blue Light Glasses (Filter 50% of blue light)
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Universal Fitover Frames

DefenderShield® Universal Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the ultimate solution for protecting your eyes from blue light emitted from digital screens of computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices while also wearing your prescription or reading glasses. The DefenderShield® lenses protect your eyes from damaging blue light day and night, so you will notice an improvement in eye strain that can result in headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and problems focusing.

These are availavlble in a choice of:

  • Orange lenses which block 99% of blue light 
  • Yellow lenses which block 50% of blue light