When it comes to health and wellbeing Tobiah McGrath from Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing (MHAW) proudly offer’s comprehensive therapy that stands alone. These versatile modalities also work well as complementary treatments offered by a medical doctor or alternative health practitioner.

Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing is proud to offer a well-rounded service including Bioenergetic Analysis, Reams Theory of Ionisation, e-Lybra Bio Resonance, Psychotherapy and a range of Nutritional Supplements & Products aimed at bringing your mind/body back into homeostasis.

This is important because when the body is in balance healing takes place holistically at the foundational level. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, dealing with anxiety or perhaps looking to lose weight in a natural and healthy way these are just some of the areas in which Tobiah can help you today.

Having these symptoms?

There are many symptoms that MHAW can also assist you with so that you can get your life back on track:

Stress levels too high

Chronic Inflammation

Experiencing Sleep Problems or Disorders

Negative Emotions - that won’t go away

Constant Pain

Digestion – sluggish/painful

Weight Loss or Gain

Lacking Motivation

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About Tobiah

As we do our best to move through life it is important to know that by understanding and releasing uncomfortable emotions, we can feel lighter – free. We also create a space were our mind/body can deal with unwanted disturbances, such as pain, disease and reactivity. Pent up emotions, incorrect diets and toxic environments can constantly knock us out of balance, increase stress levels and rob us of our opportunity to experience joy, happiness, health and wellbeing.

When the body is in homeostasis, at peace mentally and emotionally, and the digestion is functioning well, the body is able to heal itself with ease.

I assist in monitoring people’s health and health progress holistically, as an important part of my services.

  • "By using a combination of Bio Energetic Systems, Health and Nutrition advice and Supplements combined with Psychoanalysis – I am able to offer people a sound path in alignment of healing"