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Blue Light Protection Glasses

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Artificial blue light is a contributing cause of a lot of modern-day health issues. The light found in digital devices and light bulbs contains far more blue compared to other colours in the spectrum meaning our eyes are receiving too much unbalanced blue light. This blue light penetrates the eye and over the course of a day will cause digital eyestrain, resulting in dry itchy eyes, headaches and fatigue.

These revolutionary glasses helps combat negative digital light effect and blocks 100% of blue green light 400-550nm for better sleep and all-round wellness. Choose from Sleep, SummerGlo, BluLite and REMedy Sleep Mask.

Laboratory Produced,
Australian Designed & Made.

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The practice of earthing is crucial to rebalance our flow of electrons which become depleted just by living in a modern society. Pathogens in our environment include harmful electromagnetic frequencies from our devices, smart meters, and power lines which bombard us during the day and also while we sleep. This results in a deficiency of electrons. Electron deficiency will contribute to ailments such as inflammation, poor sleep, chronic pain, fatigue, poor circulation and more, such as being easily distracted, over thinking and brain fog. Earthing Sheets are regular sheets with a conductive material woven through them. You simply connect to a regular electrical port overnight as you sleep to rebalance and bring calm and wellbeing back into your life.

Also available are a variety of earthing products to re-connect you to the earths frequencies.

Earthing Sheet
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The BE Kit

Is your diet working towards your optimal health?

Discover how your body works with the diet you are currently on. RBTI uses urine and saliva samples to easily read analysis of your biology and recommend remedies to re-balance.

This is a home-based system which uses proprietary technology.

RBTI Analysis Identifies:

  • Your body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins.
  • Your urea level, which can indicate heart health issues.
  • The level of cellular debris in your system and your body’s ability to cleanse itself of toxins.
RBTI Postal Kit
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Redlight Therapy

Red light therapy has a variety of benefits and can be part of an overall wellness routine. Red light treatment can be ued to aid in faster healing, immune boosting, anti againg, mood enhancement, muscle recovery and more

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Red Light Theraphy
EMF Protecttion


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These revolutionary glasses helps combat negative digital light effect and blocks 100% of blue green light 400-550nm for better sleep and all-round wellness. Choose from Sleep, SummerGlo, BluLite and REMedy Sleep Mask.

We are surrounded by EMF’s but we can't see, touch or smell them which makes them almost unknown. However, their affect on our body and immune system has an impact. Even though EMF’s exists in nature it is the unprecedented increase of exposure to man-made EMF from new technology and smart devices in particular which is of growing concern to many scientists and health professionals.

EMF exposure is set to rise in 2020 where it is proposed that millions will have access to the internet where they did not before. This means as we live on this planet many are seeking protection from the higher levels of these radiowaves.

Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing is now offering a range of EMF protection accessories: Body-Well Chips, Protective Mobile Covers, Headsets and more.

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The Revolutionary Omega 3 Oil

Stop the breakdown and protect your cells from oxidation. When we look at Omega 3 oils it requires polyphenols to stabilise the fish oil, however in regular fish oil processing polyphenols are removed. Zinzino adds a premium olive oil that adds the polyphenols which is the missing link, making this fish oil a superior product - designed to do what most Omega 3 oils on the market do not do – and that is work well. The independent testing conducted in Norway, gives you a unique insight into your body’s Omega 6:3 balance and provides individualised “Before" and "After” test results, showing immune system inflammation levels, omega 6/3 ratio, and cellular flexibility. After four months on BalanceOIl - a premium blend containing natural fish oil, high in Omega 3 (EPA + DHA), olive polyphenols and vitamin D3 Zinzino guarantees a re-test will show a significant reduction in the 6/3 balance.

This is not offered with any other fish oil on the market.