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MHAW offers Bio-Well scanning and advice in Brisbane and the Southside.


Founded by Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov’s the Bio-well technique is derived from Kirlian photography where direct, real-time viewing of the human energy system is made possible. When using Electrophotonic Imaging (EPI) also named Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV) the practitioner and recipient of the imaging can see where stress imbalances are being held. This technique does not only work on humans, plants and animals but inanimate objects such as cooked foods, oils and more.

Bio Well Before After

How it works

In short, the Bio-Well treatment uses a GDV camera device used to capture and map fluorescent fingertip images similar to kirlian photography, which uses Electro-Photonic imaging, capturing images of the electrical coronal discharges emitted from the body.

MHAW and Bio-Well

The Bio-Well device allows Tobiah to read the emotional and energy states that a person is in, as well as provides energy readings of the meridians. From here he is able to determine what state the energy system of the whole person is in, where particular congestion within the body is and give necessary treatment or adjustments towards homeostasis.

What the client receives

A 25-results page document, informing the client of meridian, flow and function, vitality status of organs and meridians, bio rhythms emotional, intellectual and physical expression. At different times there will be a different level of balance, and stressors, such as allergies to food, environmental toxins and more.

Bio-Well and your Chakras

A Bio-Well scan also determines at what levels your chakras are at. For example, if they are out of alignment from an external or internal aspect. The ideal balance will be in the middle. It also indicates in the system is in stress and what levels of balance your organs are in.

What the client receives

A digital file of unique sound frequency binaural beats designed for you individually to rebalance your chakras.

  • "Our thoughts and beliefs play a major part in the contribution towards the health and well-being of our mind/body – also known as a bio feedback loop. It operates as a cause-and-effect process which directly influences our health"
    – Tobiah

Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation

Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing offers RBTI readings utilising both urine and saliva samples. The readings measure how much of your food is broken down and becomes nutrition for your body as well as how much is becoming waste and toxins.

Ionisation Readings

Why RBTI readings are valuable

RBTI determines the calcium contribution for the liver. The liver needs the right amount of calcium to produce the billions of enzymes required in order to build the body. Without getting into detailed chemistry; in a nutshell if these processes are not working in harmony, our digestion PH is affected and therefore will not be in the ideal zone for the liver to extract the minerals required to build the nutrients to easily sustain the body. The aim is to absorb all the food you eat as nutrients, as well as purposeful functioning substances.

What you will learn after an RBTI session


The Seven numbers of perfect biochemistry - broken into 4 parts

  • hydration
  • digestion speed
  • kidney function
  • undigested protein/cellular turnover


The right balance of hydration – water, salt and sugar 1:4 carb to salt


Digestion PH and the speed of energy in the digestion, where the level of least resistance is a PH of 6.4 and 6.8.

Note that when the PH is outside these ideal digestion levels there is a loss of energy


The eye-ball test will reveal if cell debris is present in the urine which will indicate a toxin build up and poor kidney function


The nitrates and ammonia show the combined urea that are the total undigested protein in the body.

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The great news in pH testing

is that you can manipulate your balances by controlling what you put into your body

Following a urine and saliva sample reading

The RBTI practitioner gathers necessary information to indicate which areas compensations within the diet can be made. This process is either done in the Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing clinic or alternatively in the comfort of your own home – via a mail out kit.

The RBTI practitioner gathers necessary information to indicate which areas compensations within the diet can be made. This process is either done in the Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing clinic or alternatively in the comfort of your own home – via a mail out kit. The Reams Theory of Ionisation approach is to guide your system within its optimal healing range. This approach avoids the body being consistently outside of its optimal PH where it would otherwise be prone to disease.

The reader only requires a few drops of urine and saliva to give an accurate reading. The instrument measures the refractive index of the sample and converts it to % i.e., Brix concentration units.

1.5 seconds
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The Reams Approach

The Reams Approach is based on frequency and PH balance

Health science does not acknowledge frequency and PH balance as a critical aspect of digestive physiologic function. This underestimates the fact that if our frequency or PH is out of balance it can cause degenerative disease. Without an understanding of frequency and ideal PH when it comes to digestion, ‘health care’ as we know it will be geared around sick care. In this case attempting to offer drugs, herbs, enzymes, vitamins or and other similar remedies, as a treatment will not address the cause at the frequency/PH level - and so the foundation of dis-ease remains hidden.

‘As our frequency is the key to understanding digestion, so is it the key to knowing, not guessing, about what is causing the human degenerative conditions’.

RBTI – Carey Reams – A little history

Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation was founded and advocated by Carey Reams in 1930. Trained in biophysics, bio-chemistry and mathematics, some consider this man ahead of his time.

Well respected for his alternative biophysical health advice he believed that plants, animals and humans are put together ion by ion, and that the PH level of our body i.e., a balance between alkaline and acid is critical in determining whether we present well or unwell.

He did not officially obtain a medical degree and upon speculation his work contradicted main-stream medicine where he indicated that drugs, all radiation and most surgeries were harmful to the human health. He died 1987 but his legacy lives on and is now starting to gain traction in the world of alternative medicine.

Carey Reams
How it works Mcgrath

This form of bio-energy healing uses a sample of the client’s urine and saliva where it is taken at the beginning of the consultation and tested for PH levels. Results are obtained within a few minutes. Tobiah will discuss the test reading and from there offer recommendations in-line with balancing the PH and therefore obtaining the ideal environment for homeostasis. Homeostasis is our body’s optimal state of health and well-being. When a person is in this state the immune system is able to work easily and effortlessly. This invites us to experience clarity, focus, balance, calm and a general feeling of overall wellness.

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What does the RBTI test reveal?


Determines your calcium requirements for body chemistry balance


Tells what you are digesting or not digesting


Tells if your body is assimilating nutrients


Shows vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Blood Sugar

Reveals if blood sugar is low, high or normal


Will show if your body is supporting excess yeast (candidiasis) or parasites


Indicates if there is excess stress on internal organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, the colon or gall bladder


Gives the health level of the liver and gall bladder

Bodies Environment

Reveals if your body’s environment may be supporting: circulatory problems, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, arthritis, weight gain, high cholesterol, kidney/gall stones

  • "You are what you eat - We highly recommend eating a large variety of mineral rich foods as the major portion of your diet."
    – Tobiah Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing
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When Tobiah reads your PH levels he is able to identify whether more of certain compounds are necessary to be added to the diet or taken away. He will also look at hydration, which is how well your body is conducting electricity and using energy.

The reading will also reveal:

  • Quality of your digestion - whether in an acid or alkaline constitution.
  • Saliva - testing PH which will be an indicator of what is about to happen in digestion.
  • Both Saliva and Urine PH
  • Digestion speed and hydration and how well your body is assimilating protein.

Once you know the frequency, you know the diet.

—Dr. Carey A. Reams

RBTI and Medicine Although this alternative method of medicine is seen as diagnosing health issues is not intended for diagnosing or treating medical illnesses, it plays a fundamental part in identifying imbalances within the human system that will be most certainly be contributing to an illness. When these imbalances are identified and worked with early on, it can stop disease moving into the chronic stages.

It is not about fighting the disease it is about identifying and balancing the electrochemical level’s.

  • When the body is in homeostasis and the digestion is functioning well, the body is then able to heal itself with ease. RBTI exposes our biochemical expression and further indicates what necessary changes need to be made within our diet and lifestyle practices, in order to reach how Carl Reams puts it … ‘true optimal health”. When it comes to symptoms and their origins related to food – why guess when you can be sure?
    – Tobiah
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E Lybra

Bio Resonance

utilising the e-Lybra® System

Within an MHAW session an e-Lybra scan looks for imbalances amongst the different structural elements which contribute to the ‘whole’ human body i.e., physiology of the body, psychological, emotional and subtle energy, all of which when correctly in balance contributes to our well-being.

If imbalances are detected the appropriate energetic remedies to help resolve each imbalance are displayed along with balancing bio-resonance patterns which are sent to the client during the session via comfortable connection cables.

Here, your practitioner Tobiah will take your reading into account and work with a balancing treatment unique for you.

An e-Lybra session involves a full body scan and analysis, reporting the found imbalanced frequencies.

If you are looking for Bio-Well scanning nearby we proudly offer this service alongside REAMS Biological Ionisation treatment, Nutritional analysis, E-Lybra Balancing and Psychotherapy. The combination of these systems of health optimisation are fast becoming a sought-after treatment in the area of preventative medicine.

Mcgrath Health & Wellbeing is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of each individual. Tobiah McGrath is a qualified RBTI and Bio-Well Practitioner, offering NLP and Hypnosis, operating in Brisbane’s Southside and Adelaide St, Brisbane CBD.

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Psychotherapy is one of the most beneficial areas of healing and well-being because when we undertake self -work with a facilitator the unfolding of the many layers of ourselves become known. Along-side this the self-empowerment that comes with knowing that feelings, mental blocks and illnesses are only temporary appearances in our energy system gives us a whole new perspective on life. There is no condition that cannot be healed with positive intention and appropriate treatment.

Tobiah McGrath works on the cellular to the spiritual level where he understands that the process of growth and healing is accelerated.